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Social Media Law Final (You Know You’re Curious)

Because triumph.

While I enjoy many aspects of being a social media lawyer one of my absolute favorites is teaching a class I developed at the University of Texas School of Law.  This spring I taught the class for a second time to an even larger class and had many entertaining classes and conversations throughout the year.  We even had to deal with actual ice cancellations and fake ice cancellations and held one class virtually over Adobe Connect.  All in all, a fun semester.

Since my class covers a variety of legal subjects impacted by social media, the final also covers a number of different topics.  And just like last year when I posted the first law school exam I gave, below is an embed of this year’s final.  Now you can play along and imagine what you would respond if you had to take this final.  I omitted the first page which was just directions–just know it was open book and students had three hours to take the exam.  Each question was weighed equally.

Oh, and there’s a social media easter egg hidden in the final.  Let me know if you find it.

Update: Jason Ross found the easter egg first, so congrats to him!  Yes, I rickrolled my students, they just didn’t realize it.  Read the first letter of each line of the final.



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This Is An Easter Egg

This post won’t make sense unless you happen to be attending the Social Media, Sweepstakes, and Promotions conference in New York City. I’m co-chairing the event and I’m holding a special Day One Contest. So if you’re participating in the contest and want to score 2 points be the first person to tell me “Do, or do not, there is no try.” You have to wait until I announce the contest (it’ll be at the keynote). Oh, and you get a bonus point if you say the line in a Yoda voice. Even a bad impression counts.

For anyone else reading this, I’ll explain later. Enjoy the suspense!

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