About SoMeLaw Thoughts

I’ve been involved with technology law for over a decade but only began representing Dell’s central Social Media and Communities team in 2010.  Social media had been a personal interest so it was great to marry that with my professional life.

Since that time I’ve met a lot of other social media attorneys and begun to explore lengthier conversations about emerging topics in this area of law.  I started posting longer SoMeLaw Thoughts on Google+ since they allowed for longer posts (before Facebook expanded their post limit).  But ultimately I thought a separate blog might be a better place to consolidate these topics.

And be sure to read that disclaimer over there because I mean it.

4 responses to “About SoMeLaw Thoughts

  1. I think your blog fills a very nice niche. I wish you lots of success with it.
    My brother is lately also involved with drawing up an information technology law in Pakistan. In Pakistan, we have also started facing all the consequences of the internet, social media, and smartphones that has developed over the last decade without a clear law handling the outcomes. I will share your blog with my brother, since I am sure it will be useful to him.

  2. loved your blog! high on quality information! Glad that i stumbled upon you 🙂

  3. http://www.theatlantic.com/business/archive/2013/05/facebook-one-year-later-what-really-happened-in-the-biggest-ipo-flop-ever/275987/
    Just read this. Really interesting. Since Facebook is “Social Media” wondered if you had any thoughts, although this looks like typical insider trading to me.

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