Even Google Doesn’t Think It’s Popular, Considers Paying Cheerleader to Hangout so it can Meet Cool Kids

One of my favorite social media law blogs/newsletters (yes, I have favorites, I’m that social media law geeky) is Socially Aware from MoFo (the law firm…yes, they know).  When I first started diving into the social media legal arena they were a frequent source of new information.  Now that I’ve been in the world for a while and social media legal issues tend to get wider press coverage, they usually provide some new angle on a story we’ve already heard.

The latest newsletter they sent out had the following graphic which I just love.  Check it out.

Social Media Popularity

"Hey Friendster and MySpace--I'm like several percentage points more popular than you LOSERS!! Now it's your turn to roll a d20 to see if you can save against the new Zynga game crashing your update server."

The best part of this graphic is the source.  Sure, you can quibble with the methodology–even I’m not sure that looking at the frequency people search on Google for a social media platform is an accurate measure of the platform’s popularity.  But it does say something when people aren’t even searching on Google for Google+.  Is it because Google made Google+ so easy to find people don’t have to search for it anymore?  Is it because they report their own data differently?  Who knows.  But even Google trends can report that Google+ had a brief moment being invited to all the cool parties before sliding back into Friday night D&D sessions.

Cheer up, Google+.  I’ve got an old chaotic neutral wizard I could dust off for a quick run if you’d like.


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