Quick Updates: Drying the Tears, Copyright Librarian, and Email Dangers


These are quick updates. How quick? WHOOSH! Hear that? That was the update.

Just a few quick updates on the social media front.

The photographer who tearfully deleted her Pinterest boards has posted an update: My Date With Ben Silbermann — Following Up and Drying My Tears — Atlanta Senior Portrait Photographer Talks With Pinterest.  In it she details how Pinterest’s founder spoke to her about the Pinterest terms and wanted to hear her suggestions about changing the terms.  I find the blog post and underlying conversation fascinating.  As the blogger notes, Silbermann is probably already considering changes to the terms now that they’ve gained traction so the call is good PR but we’ll keep our eyes peeled for those updates.

Also in this follow-up post the blogger says that she is not an expert in copyright law.  Which is a far cry from the initial post where she said she was a lawyer and then attempted to break down copyright law basics (but as most copyright attorneys can tell you, didn’t go that great a job).  But that’s standard for blogs–make grandiose claims until you get called out or so much attention that you have to back down.  Most people won’t see this follow-up post (it was posted over two weeks ago and despite my involvement in the issue I didn’t even see the follow-up until today) leaving just the main post continuing to circulate and misinform people.  And no update was posted on the original post either leading people to the new information…that’s bad blogging etiquette, right?

Speaking of Pinterest and copyright, I came across this blog post from the Copyright Librarian blog: Pinterest, copyright, and Terms of Service.  It had a great expansion of how Pinterests’ terms aren’t that different from other social platforms or even smaller sites like the University of Minnesota Libraries.  Also has some great, quick analysis of copyright issues in a much more thoughtful manner than many of the other blog posts out there.  Good reading.

Finally, from the practice what you preach files: a Montana judge recently got into some hot water when a racist email that he forwarded to some friends was forwarded on to others and made its way to the press; oddly, the judge some 9 months earlier had spoken to recent law school graduates and mentioned the dangers of email, particularly in sending emails without thinking where it might end up.  Whoops.



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